The graniteit-maven-plugin enhances the content-package maven lifecycle for developers of Adobe CQ/CRX/Granite-based applications to simplify the configuration necessary to execute and report on integration tests based on Selenium and the Sling Junit Framework.

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Design Priorities

  • Support a test-driven maven lifecycle using the Sling JUnit integration test framework. Bundle and package deployment goals are mapped to the pre-integration-test phase (not the install phase) so that maven install and deploy phases can be made dependent on successful test execution.
  • Provide a consistent configuration model such that any two maven goals that do similar things will accept a similar set of configuration parameters/property names.
  • Support an iterative development process for the package artifact itself by exposing convenient property names for configuration values that are likely to vary for local development, so that maven profiles and command-line scripts may be reused across modules and across projects.


  • Maven 3.0+
  • JDK 1.6+
  • graniteit-maven-plugin is designed to work in conjunction with the proprietary, which is available in the public Adobe Nexus repository