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mark adamcin

scala, maven, and cq5

Current projects and latest release versions in Maven Central.


I've been a Java programmer since January 2007, when I started at Acquity Group. Even though I am still a Java developer at my day job, I recently started programming seriously in Scala in September 2012 when I enrolled in Martin Odersky's online course, Functional Programming Principles in Scala. After completing the course (with distinction), I was inspired to hit the ground running by switching over to scala immediately on all my personal projects.

To get the ball rolling, I figured I'd start by recreating any incompatible link in the Java- and Maven-based toolchain that I use for development of Adobe CQ5 in order to support future development in Scala:

I intend to make all the projects I produce under this initiative available in Maven Central via Sonatype's open source repository with generated site documentation hosted on my adamcin GitHub profile.